Why Do Humans like to Use Sandstone for Construction?



Several natural elements of nature are used by us every day. But we do not think much about it in our daily lives. The ancient and the modern buildings around the world use some form of stone for its construction. They are one of the most stable and strongest materials that can be used for building something. One of the most popular among these is the Sandstones which have been used for a long time. It is a simple stone but it has several uses and benefits that are seen around the world.

What is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made from sand-sized particles of minerals. The most common material is either quartz or feldspar and the stones come in an array of colour from red, pink, yellow etc. It is quite durable to the weather and can be found in places like river, lakes, desert and many other places.

Why do people use Sandstone for Construction?

Sandstone has been used in several notable places around the world. So, there should be some benefits to it. Let us see some the reasons for it being a favourite for construction work:

   • Durability is one of the most noted features of Sandstone. It has been noted that it is even more durable than concrete. That is the reason why several houses and notable structure have utilized sandstone. More so in the exterior structure like sandstone coping used in pools to make it long lasting.

   • Sandstone is definitely cheaper when compared to other natural stones like Marble and Granite. When polishes and applied correctly sandstone does look very classy. Sandstone pier caps also look quite good on the building when they are cut in the right way. The best thing is that sandstone also comes in attractive colours. It will also last a longer time than a ceramic tile or similar things.

   • People can install sandstone tiles and blocks quite quickly when compared to other rocks or things like tiles. So, people who want to save some time and money can definitely opt for sandstone.

   • Sandstone is quite low maintenance and it never looks bad. It will never crack on you and will always give that rustic and classic look. It is quite resistant to the bashing of nature making it an ideal material for construction.

What can be the uses of Sandstone?

   • Pavement and Tile works are the most common thing that people get out of sandstone. They work amazingly and also make the place look even better.

   • Monuments and tombstones are also constructed with sandstone. Rain and other natural things do not affect sandstone making it a perfect material for such constructions. They make great pillar and garden installations as well.

   • Sandstone has been used as a construction material for ages. They can be used as pillars, walls, fireplaces, ceilings etc.

So, here is a little bit information about Sandstone and its properties. If you like the rugged, rough look of the stone, definitely try it out in your garden. We are sure that sandstone will add a different dimension to space.